Wolfpack Pays a Big Win to Jeanette!


Jeanette from Rönninge must have listened to the wolves’ howls when she decided to try her luck on the mobile version of Wolfpack Pays at Vera&John online casino. As a loyal player who has been playing with Vera&John since 2014, Jeanette told us that she loves our selection of games and that she’s been winning a lot lately – which is the main reason she keeps coming back! Jeanette’s been lucky before with smaller wins, but nothing compared to this! 

We spoke to Jeanette and heard how, after playing the game at home one day, she was surprised to notice a lot of numbers and wolves pop up on her screen! The excitement was so intense that Jeanette had to ask her husband to have a look at her screen and that’s when he confirmed it – she had won an impressive €266 084!

After Jeanette double checked on her iPad to make sure that she had won, she called her children to give them the good news. Jeanette’s husband is equally as excited about her big win because the winnings will be going towards a dream they can enjoy together,

“We’ll build a little house for ourselves. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time but haven’t had enough money before. So now it’s time!”

The eagles of luck have certainly guided Jeanette in the right direction to this incredible win on Vera&John casino. If you listen closely for the howling wolf the next time you play Wolfpack Pays, you might get lucky with a big win too!