Viktor had to count the zeros before he could believe his luck!

Gemix at Vera&John Casino

It all seemed too good to be true, he’d never seen it coming… but there it was! Viktor rubbed his eyes and counted the zeros to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, but the flashing numbers on his screen remained the same. He’d won €16,370 on Gemix!

Winning is always great, but when you manage to land a big win on your all-time favourite game… well that’s just extra special, isn’t it? Viktor’s been a loyal VJ player for a while now, and he’s spent a fair amount of that time playing Gemix.

We can’t say we blame him too much- the enchanting world of Gemix is filled with fantastic opportunities to conjure up wins. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprise if the amazing Crystal Charge meter helped Viktor score his €16,370 win, after all it can triple all your wins once it’s activated!

Viktor was lucky enough to be the biggest winner we had all day! That’s quite an honour, so we just couldn’t resist giving him a call to find out how he was feeling about his big win.

Once he’d had the chance to count all his zeroes and realise that he was a big Vera&John winner, Viktor was just happy to let his good fortune sink in. At first, he couldn’t quite believe it, but with a little bit of time to think, this lucky winner decided that he’d be spending all that extra cash on a brand new car!

Viktor is driving off into the sunset in his new ride thanks to a few fateful spins on Gemix at Vera&John online casino. Your dream prize might be closer than you think, so find a favourite game of your own and start spinning!