Wishes are even better when they come as a surprise!


Everyone loves winning- but it’s even better when it’s a surprise! Lucky Åse didn’t even know she was in the running to win a Guaranteed Wish until our trusty little Vera&John fairies gave her a call and made her dreams come true!

We send emails, we post pictures, we even write happy little stories about all our great winners (like this one!), but sometimes you can still miss out on the great offers and contests at Vera&John. We get it, guys! We’re not going to wag our finger at you if you don’t check in with us every day, in fact… sometimes it means we can give you a very special surprise.

That’s exactly what happened this time! Åse didn’t even know she could win a fantastic Guaranteed Wish but she managed it anyway.

The first time we got in touch with her, this lucky winner didn’t even dare to tell anyone about her prize- she was too scared that it would turn out to be a mistake! No worries, the VJ fairies wouldn’t do that to you, Åse.

“I have so many thoughts flying around in my head,” She said excitedly when we let her know that we wanted to grant her wish, “I need to discuss this with my family first!”

With summer in the air, it could be just the right time for a fun-filled holiday for all the family. Or maybe some home renovations are in store- whatever you wish for, we’ve got you covered up to €2,000 thanks to Guarantee Mania!

We couldn’t be any happier about handing out Guaranteed Wishes to our lucky players. There are always more chance to win some dream prizes here at Vera&John online casino- whether you know it or not!