​​A bonus fortune turns into a pile of cash for VJ’s latest winner!


Single mother Ann-Katrin barely had €20 left in her account when her luck took a sudden turn for the better. Only a couple of days later, she had successfully converted €50,000 in bonus wins into cold, hard cash! It’s been a long time since we met such a happy winner, but now Ann-Katrin and her five-year-old son can truly live the high life!

When a player wins on a bonus round at Vera&John, the win has to be wagered a certain amount of times before it can be withdrawn. But that shouldn’t deter anyone, quite the opposite in fact!

Ann-Katrin, who lives in western Sweden, really made use of her bonus win! This lucky single mother was truly a persistant player, and it really paid off. She was playing one of her favourite games, Joker 8000, when the screen suddenly lit up with good news- she had won €40,000! Only moments before, she had won another €8,000 and a handful of other smaller wins. Things were really looking up!

”This feels like a dream. It’s completely unbelievable, but soooo nice! The money on my account will change so much for me. Now I can pay of so many loans and also do something fun and relaxing with my 5-year-old son,” Ann-Katrin said.

A well-earned vacation is the first thing in store for Ann-Katrin and her son. The lucky spins all happend on her couch at home in her livingroom, but they’ll help her to see more of the world!

When her huge Joker 8000 win landed in her lap and changed her life, she was so shocked that she jumped up off the sofa and dropped her computer on the floor. Thankfully, both Ann-Katrin and her computer survived the shock.

”I’ve played a bit at Vera&John and of course I always hoped for a big win, but you can never be prepared! When Vera&John called and told me that the money had been cleared, I actually started to cry from pure joy,” said our worthy winner.

A happy mother with a happy win! If Ann-Katrin made it happen, it could happen to you too- so start spinning to convert your bonus wins to cash.