Thomas cooked up big wins from a single poker hand!


Thomas was in the kitchen preparing some dinner- little did he know that he was also cooking up a steaming €11,900 win too! The oven was hot but the wins were even hotter as our lucky chef blazed his way through a €5 hand in Jackpot Poker Multi Hand Mobile.

Talk about a multitasking master! Not many people can whip up dinner with one hand while bringing in some big wins with the other. You’ve got to invite us around for dinner some time, Thomas!

“When I realised I’d just scored a jackpot, time just stopped! I completely lost it and started running around and shouting!”

Sounds like dinner and a show!

Yes, our lucky winner was over the moon and not afraid to show it- and with a €11,900 win, we can’t say that we really blame him for that.

A big win for a long-time player

While he might not exclusively be a poker player, it was Jackpot Poker Multi Hand Mobile that eventually lead Thomas to this big win. He’s been a loyal Vera&John player since 2013, and enjoys both slots and table games.

Even though he was a good player, he wasn’t exactly flush with wins. So this victory came as a pleasant surprise.

“It was almost too good to be true!” He said, “Eventually I managed to calm down a little bit and finish the meal I was making. Believe me, it tasted SO good- the taste of a big win!”

Now there’s a man with priorities we love: a tasty meal and an even tastier win all at once!

What’s next for Thomas?

The 53-year-old from Stockholm, Sweden isn’t exactly sure what he’s going to do with his lovely €11,900 win just yet. Could we suggest some brand new cooking equipment, perhaps?

More likely, Thomas says, he’ll take some of his nearest and dearest on a trip with him this summer. What a guy!

To all the other hopeful future VJ winners out there, Thomas has a few parting words of wisdom:

“Anything is possible! Don’t always go looking for the big win, play for fun and enjoy yourself- one day the big win will surprise you!”

Wise words from a very happy man. Now, back to that recipe book, Thomas, so you can whip up some more delicious dishes and mouth-watering wins with a little help from Vera&John online casino!