Two weeks was all it took for a massive win to roll in!


If you think big wins take a long time to come along, you’re in for a surprise! Nick H from London was a Vera&John player for less than two weeks when a massive €27,282 Jackpot win landed right in his lap thanks to MegaJoker.

Some people are just born under a lucky star, and Nick might very well be one of them! This spinning sensation certainly didn’t take long to find out just how much we love winners here at Vera&John.

Following a win of over €50,000 at another casino, Nick didn’t expect his lucky streak to keep going, but he logged on to his brand new Vera&John account just the same. Already excited about his earlier win, he couldn’t believe his eyes when it happened all over again!

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice, but this brilliant €27,282 win definitely proves that theory wrong. Only two weeks after opening his V&J account, it was already full of fantastic winnings.

Nothing can stop this winning streak!

“I was just sitting at home, playing on the sofa, then I suddenly hit the jackpot! It was super exciting, but at the same time it almost didn’t feel real.”

Just like the reels on the MegaJoker game- Nick’s head was still spinning, but it didn’t take long for the truth to sink in. Now it’s time to celebrate!

So what’s on the horizon for our lucky Jackpot winner? Nick is looking forward to a good long holiday, and with winnings like those, he can go absolutely anywhere he likes. But first, it’s time for a couple of cheeky drinks with some mates at the pub to celebrate- you deserve it, Nick!

We’re raising a glass to our lucky new winner, but there’s always room for more! Your lucky day may be right around the corner here at Vera&John online casino.