Camilla wins the €52,829 Mega Joker Jackpot!


Camilla, a 29 year old student from Sweden, received the greatest surprise she could ever dream of. One lucky spin on Mega Joker and Camilla walked away with the €52,829 Jackpot. Now all she has to do is plan the best year of her life!

A big leap of faith

Living on a student budget for the past few years hasn’t been easy for Camilla. Long days at school and sleepless nights of homework has been very stressful. Looking for an outlet to unwind, Camilla searched the web for something new and exciting. She stumbled upon Vera&John, liked the cheerful vibe of the website and thought she would give it a go. She continued playing casually for 3 months, enjoying the much needed break from school, but not really expecting anything to happen. Little did she know that one click on the Vera&John website would lead her to such luck.

An unexpected turn of events

Camilla wanted to start her day with a bit of fun, so she took a few spins on the Jackpot game Mega Joker. She was feeling extra lucky that day and decided to up her bets to €5 a spin, just to see what would happen. As luck would have it, one bigger bet was all that was needed. Camilla covered her eyes in disbelief, she just hit the Mega Joker Jackpot – €52,829 was all hers!

A bright future ahead

Being a Vera&John member for only 3 months, Camilla was not expecting such a big win to come so quickly.

“I didn’t know how to react when I realised it was all true, I had to check the screen over and over again. I’m so surprised, but oh so happy!”

When asked what she was planning to do with her big win, Camilla knew exactly where the money was going.

“I’m moving into a new apartment soon, so most of the money will go towards that. I also want to treat myself to some shopping and a nice warm vacation in the winter.”

It can happen to anyone

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I really didn’t think it was possible, but I proved myself wrong.”

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