From mini bets to millionaire at Vera&John- a €1,682,473 Jackpot win!


It’s a record-breaking win here at Vera&John for one lucky jackpot player! What started out as a normal day turned into something truly unforgettable – an amazing €1,682,473 jackpot win! After a small bet of only €0.40, Lars’ life was changed forever thanks to the mythical jackpot game, Hall of Gods.

Here’s some proof that you don’t need to place big bets to be a big winner, sometimes destiny is on your side! Our 45-year-old Jackpot winner from Bergen, Norway has always enjoyed playing a few different slots at Vera&John, but he never imagined he would be the one to receive an enormous pay-out like this. Even though Lars placed only a few euro here and there when he could afford it- he now has €1,682,473 to do whatever he wants!

“My God, this isn’t possible, this hasn’t happened!” Lars said in disbelief when he spoke to Vera&John’s support team. “This is so unreal, I nearly started crying!”

Even little bets are enough to make you a big winner!

Hall of Gods is a dazzling Jackpot game with a Norse mythology theme- and it seems like the gods were certainly smiling on Lars when he started playing. With 3 accumulating Jackpots to be won in the game, Lars told himself that he’d be happy with a simple win of €10… but he got so much more!

Would you ever believe that that a simple €0.40 bet would be enough to make you a millionaire? That’s exactly what happened to Lars- just a few small spins and suddenly life changed forever! The biggest win in Vera&John’s casino history landed right in his lap.

€1,682,473 later, and Lars’ head is still spinning!

It was so unbelievable that the first thing our lucky winner did was to call customer support at Vera&John to make sure it was all true.

“I’m calling because I need you to check something for me.” He said with an unsteady voice, “I think I just won 1.7 million euro- I’m shaking.”

We were only too happy to tell him that it was true! Even then, our lucky winner found it difficult to grasp.

Unsurprisingly, he needed to stop and let it sink in! After he realised it was all real, the big jackpot winner already started planning ways to improve his life with his nearest and dearest. Thanks to his fantastic win, Lars can now pay off family debts, as well as indulging in a few luxuries like the seaside cottage and boat he’d been saving up to buy for so long.

“I’ve been dreaming about winning a big prize for 10 years, and now I know what it’s like. It’s crazy! It’s like I’m still asleep and I haven’t woken up!”

Lars’ life changed forever with one small bet- and we at Vera&John couldn’t be happier. To everyone else out there dreaming of that big Jackpot pay-out, remember that just like Lars, you never know when fortune might strike!