Tomas was our lucky Guaranteed Winner!

Vera&John Casino

Ding, ding! When Tomas stepped into the ring with Fisticuffs, he knew that he was going head-to-head with the chance for a fantastic win. With an incredible €27,900 win under his belt, it seemed like luck really was in his corner… but there was still more to come thanks to Guaranteed Winnings!

It had been a good month for Tomas, especially thanks to a big win from his favourite online casino – Vera&John! Even though he’d been playing on the same site for over 3 years, the ever-growing collection of games meant that there was always something new and interesting for him to try… and he tried the lot. Old games, new games, Tomas liked to try them all, but Fisticuffs was the one where he really struck it lucky!

One particularly lucky spin meant that Tomas ended his day with an extra €27,900 in his pocket, but even after he stopped playing, there was more on the way!

A sensational top-up was in the works!

Fast-forward to the next month, and Tomas was in for a brilliant surprise call from the Vera&John team. Even though he hadn’t played Fisticuffs in a while, his amazing win was enough to make him our Guaranteed Winner, and that meant an extra €21,100 just like that! As you can imagine, Tomas was almost speechless.

–          “I can barely believe what you’re telling me!” the excited winner said as he received a phone call from our trusty support team, “This was the best Easter egg surprise ever!”

Vera&John Casino guarantees that at least one person every month will win €50,000 or more on a single spin. If no one is that lucky during a month, we’ll top up the next highest win until they reach €50,000 themselves, because we LOVE winners! This time Tomas was our lucky winner, and for him the surprise was “just like lightening from a clear sky… but in a good way!”

He didn’t even have to spin to earn €21,100 more!

The first win whilst playing was amazing enough on its own, but Tomas just couldn’t believe that he was getting so much more money just for making that one winning spin. With all that extra cash on his hands coming as such a surprise, Tomas isn’t quite sure what to do yet… but we’re sure he’ll think of something great!

Everyone who plays has a chance to be our next Guaranteed Winner just like Tomas. Someone’s taking home at least €50,000 every month; it might as well be you!