David was the winner of the amazing Super Lucky Frog Jackpot

Screenshot Super Lucky Frog EN

While watching TV late one night David happened to spot a Vera&John commercial about the amazing Guaranteed Winnings promotion. Intrigued, he decided to create an account at the casino and only five minutes later he had won more than €60,000. In only three spins, wagering no more than €0,5 a spin, won the Jackpot on the slot Super Lucky Frog and his €1,5 wagers was turned into the fantastic amount of €61,905.

David was coming back home from a late supper when he decided to watch some TV before going to bed. When he saw Vera&John’s commercial spot about the unique Guaranteed Winnings promotion he got interested and thoughts about joining the casino popped into his head. A few years back he did try out a few different online casinos with some luck and a few wins, but maybe it would be different this time around?

Appealing unique promotion

The Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John got David curious and he decided to create an account and deposit €15. As he did that he also received a 100% deposit bonus.

– I went straight to the Jackpot page, that’s where I thought the action would be. But then I chose the slot Super Lucky Frog by coincident. My plan at first was to wager €2,5 each spin but I realized that I would run out of money real fast that way and I wanted to have as much fun as I could for as long as I could. That’s why I decided to wager as little as €0,5 instead, says David.

Jackpot shock

Already after three spins three frog symbols appeared and David was directed to the bonus game. That was when he won the biggest progressive jackpot of more than €60,000! David had a hard time believing what just happened. He stared at the amazing amount for a moment and before he could grasp the fact that he had won the jackpot he played a few more spins. When the amount in his account remained he wanted to get the win confirmed, so he visited the live chat at Vera&John.

– I asked if I had won something. I told them that I got to the bonus game and then it said “super” on my screen. Had I hit the jackpot?, Robert asked Vera&John.

He sure had! David won the fantastic super jackpot of €61,905 on Super Lucky Frog only five minutes after signing up at Vera&John. At first he didn’t believe it to be true but after letting the news sink in for a while he called up his brothers who joined him in his celebrations.

Invest and party

David didn’t get too many hours of sleep that night but the next day he was back at work as usual. When Vera&John got a hold of him it’s was an exhausted yet happy winner who explained that you don’t need sleep after a thing like this.

– I don’t mind being tired. Tonight I am going to celebrate big time! Everyone at Vera&John are welcome, he says laughing.

Even though the win was a complete shock David knows exactly what to do with the money. At last he can relax.

– I was put out of business a while back and I still have a few debts to pay so the money will help me get back on my feet again, he says. And I will invest the rest. I think real estate is a good way. Maybe I’ll by myself an apartment.

Vera&John wishes David the best of luck in the future and already awaits the next big winner. Try your jackpot luck today at Vera&John!